Video Pirates: How to Turn on Subtitles

So you've downloaded a foreign film, congrats you are expanding your repertoire and cultural savvy! But then there's the issue that you don't speak French/Spanish/whatever language that's spoken. Before you go and download Rosetta Stone and try to learn the language, you should probably just turn the subtitles on. This is tutorial for the many leechers that want to understand how to make the subtitles work. In fact it's quite simple.

Step 1: Get Subtitle Display Tool
Download VobSub. Install.

Step 2: Get Subtitle File
If your download did not come with subtitles (and most do) there are plenty of sites that allow you to download the subtitles for free. Check www.divxsubtitles.net for starters, download it and put it in the same directory as the movie. Since the subtitles probably did come with your download and are just sitting in a zipped folder or are already in the same folder as your movie you can skip this step. Just look for the file ending in .sub

Step 3: Turning on the Subtitles
It works like this, the subtitle file must be named exactly the same as the video file with the exception of the .sub extension.

So if your movie is named: StarWarsIV.DIVX.avi
then your subtitle file should be named: StarWarsIV.DIVX.avi.sub

If you don't see the file extensions (.sub or .avi) you can turn those on in Windows by opening the folder then clicking Tools > Folder Options > View (Tab) and unchecking the box entitled "Hide Extensions for Known File Types".


That's it! You should now be watching that film with full subtitles!

Here are a few of my favorite foreign films.


Anonymous said...

hey! i'm a new user of mac. i was wandering, if there exist somthing like vobsub also for mac system? i'm downloading the film Cidade de Deaus and would like to watch it with english subtitles.. :)

Anonymous said...

just had the same problem with my mac and the same movie. I found a solution though. Download the program submerge, it combines the avi file and srt file. It worked.

Anonymous said...

or simply use VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/)

Anonymous said...

Yeah VLC media player is your all in one easy way to go

jon said...

i've been using vlc for years but i still cannot seem to open the srt file with the video file. can someone please tell me how?

Anonymous said...

lol this helps for non for. movies too, i never did know how subs workd

Anonymous said...

I Just wanted to tell u thanks for this post I download a great copy of City of God n of course its in there native lang. I followed your directions in this work really easy thanks once again !!!

Anonymous said...

This didn't even work

Anonymous said...

This works, yay thank you! when I did this and it worked, I yelloed out "FUCKYOUUUU" to my cat, and it ran off - oitj