A Pirates Mind

Pirates have long been feared and regarded as low-life, self indulgent, and a ruthless treasure hunting counter culture. Their tales are that of legend and have awed many a young child. These pirates have dissipated over the years and are all but extinct except for a few roving gangs in the Indian ocean.

Alas a new form of pirate has emerged whose population is growing daily, in fact you've probably spoken with one this week or are even considering joining their ranks. These pirates have replaced the lingo of old with terms like torrent, mp3, divx, screeners, leechers, and seeders. They also pursue treasure but in the forms of free media, and computer applications. Instead of ransacking towns and fighting navies they are stealing from Hollywood and fighting the RIAA. These are exciting times for a pirate because there is excessive bounty to be had and it's never been so easy to steal.

So this is the start of my quest to understand pirating, to get inside the mind of a pirate by becoming one and divulging my experiences for the education of all those who are interested in this growing counter culture. Yo ho, Yo ho! A pirates life for me...

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