Pirating in Private - How not to get caught

By now you’ve probably installed limewire or some other peer to peer program. You’re downloading in relative anonymity, that’s the beauty of peer to peer, there is no central database or logs of your downloads.

Dangerous Waters
But what about the torrent site? ThePirateBay, MiniNova, etc… well, it’s safe to say that they log web activity and by that I mean they probably have your IP address and where you went on the site and what you did. The IP address can be linked to your ISP which can under court order divulge who was using that IP. WALK THE PLANK!

So play it safe, use a proxy. A proxy is simply a site that masks your location, by allowing you to surf through them. Below, I've included a tool that generates a "random" proxy

Enter a URL to visit via proxy:

Or choose from thousands of working proxies by going to http://proxy.org

Real Protection
Free web proxies are just a start though, if you want true protection you need to use a full feature proxy tool like Secure-Tunnel.

From their website: “Secure-tunnel masks your IP address, replacing it with one of our own, and mixes your traffic with thousands of active connections, making it impossible to determine who you are. We also port forward all your data through a single standard port and encrypt the data so administrators and ISPs cannot determine where you are going or what you are doing while online. Your data and personal information cannot be logged or tracked because it is encased in our secure tunnel.”


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