Economy dies, Pirating thrives - Part I - Entertainment

As the global economy slumps from recession to depression how is pirating being affected?

It seems quite obvious that consumers without jobs or in fear of losing their jobs will go to great lengths to save a buck. So Mr. and Mrs. Smith decide to tighten their belts and there goes the entertainment budget. A few weekend nights at home and all of a sudden it just makes sense, raise that pirate flag.

The Hulu Curve
When demand increases so do the companies that are looking to capitalize on this demand. Enter Hulu, a clean cut company offering TV and Movies for your streaming pleasure with occasional advertising injections. Hulu is marketing themselves well (see SuperBowl commercial) and will most likely be a deterrent for most to make the jump to pirating. Expect growing support from Hollywood. However, the commercials, streaming limitations, selection, and quality will continue to be bothersome for many. Hulu I'm sure will only improve it's service and competitors will arise, so it really is a curve ball, but don't expect Pirating to slow down.

Red Skies in the Morning
Pirating can be seen as a monetary leak in the entertainment industry, money lost that could be used to bolster the economy, hello red flag. Government intervention in all areas will increase (this is not necessarily bad, some areas like Wall Street could use some regulating) to stave off a full economic collapse. So it would not surprise me to see more policy defining and enforcement around the globe. A global crackdown on pirating could be just around the bend, so be warned.

Part II - Software - coming soon...